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          Electrical equipment center 

          We are... a manufacturer, importer and distributor of lamps, light bulbs, wires, pipes, switches-plugs, lighting equipment of all kinds, many brands.

          Such as Enlighten, Philips, Toshiba, Megaman, Yazaki, Iwachi, BCC, Schneider, Panasonic, Nano, Btichino, etc. We also provide consulting services - design - installation. Lighting system with more than 20 years of experience

          There are many works in leading organizations, department stores, office buildings, factories, showrooms, hotels. and various projects.

A complete service center for installing solar cells

Professional Solar Installer & Equipment Supplier
Consulting services - site survey - design - permission - installation of solar cells

'One place to finish everything of solar cells'
Installation of Solar Rooftop, On grid, Off grid and Hybrid systems. All designs are designed to be suitable for customers' electricity usage. including contact with relevant agencies To request permission to parallel electricity completely without problems, ready to take care and consult both before and after installation by 'expert engineers' and a team with expertise in After-sales service, no, not lost, take care throughout the warranty period.

Don't worry if
 out of warranty. En Solar offers additional services.



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LINE @enlightenthailand

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Spiral Wrapping band 24 mm.

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เต้ารับ USB Type A + Type C USB Type A + Type C 2.4 A ยี่ห้อ SIEMENS

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Connector PVC 25 MM. NANO (white) NNCN25W

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Compare the differences between P-TYPE and N-TYPE solar panels.

Bring knowledge about cannabis planting lamps that are currently popular right now. There is a deposit. Are you wondering why we have to use lights to grow plants? Why not use the sun Let's find the answer from this post.


Nowadays, solar cells are something everyone should install and use. But why is it worth this much? Let's see.

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